student with corporate sponsorScholarships awarded through National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) programs are regarded as some of the highest academic honors attainable by U.S. high school students. Last year NMSC awarded scholarships valued at nearly $49 million to over 9,800 qualified students. Although NMSC underwrites more than a quarter of the scholarships with its own funds, most awards are provided by independent sponsor organizations.

Currently, over 240 corporations, company foundations, and businesses and approximately 200 colleges and universities provide National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarships. All funds provided to NMSC by sponsors are used for scholarships and are tax-deductible contributions.  back to top

Corporate Sponsorship

NMSC conducts scholarship programs for corporations, company foundations, and other business organizations. Most corporate-sponsored awards are designated for children of a sponsor's employees or members. However, some are offered for residents of a community where a company has operations or for students with college major or career plans the sponsor wishes to encourage. NMSC services for sponsors include:

Each sponsor announces its program, confirms eligibility of award winners, and pays scholarship costs. Sponsors are billed annually for scholarship costs, which include stipend amounts paid to winners and nominal grants that are used to underwrite National $2500 Scholarships for which all Finalists are considered. These grants are provided to NMSC by the sponsor in lieu of paying any administrative fees. Additionally, some sponsors recognize Scholars at a special event and/or in company publications.

The number of scholarships a company, business, or foundation offers annually may range from one to more than 100. Within guidelines established by NMSC, corporate sponsors select the monetary arrangements for the scholarships they finance. They also decide whether to offer awards that may be renewed for up to four years of undergraduate study (renewable scholarships) or one-time scholarships.

In the National Merit® Scholarship Program, companies and other business organizations annually underwrite some 1,000 corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship® awards for Finalists and about 1,300 Special Scholarships for program participants who are outstanding but are not Finalists. Sponsors that provide Special Scholarships in addition to their Merit Scholarship awards are able to offer a fixed number of awards in each competition, even though the number of Finalists eligible for their awards varies from year to year. More than two-thirds of corporate sponsors use NMSC's services to complement their Merit Scholarship awards with Special Scholarships. A Special Scholarship candidate must meet a sponsor's criteria and file the sponsor's Entry Form, as well as meet entry requirements of the National Merit Program.

About 100 corporate-sponsored awards are provided in the 2015 National Achievement® Scholarship Program.  back to top

For more information about becoming a corporate sponsor and the benefits of sponsorship, click here. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)

NMSC Corporate Contact:
Nancy A. Bogart
Director of Sponsor Services
(847) 866-5121

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College and University Sponsorship of Merit Scholarship® Awards

Each year colleges and universities support about 4,100 Merit Scholarship awards for Finalists who have been admitted to and will attend their institutions. Only Finalists who notify NMSC by the published deadlines of their plans to attend a sponsor institution are considered for college-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards.

College-sponsored awards are renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study at the sponsor institution and provide stipends that range between $500 and $2,000 per year. Officials of each sponsor college select winners for their awards and determine the amount of the annual stipend within the specified range. College-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards are canceled if the winner decides not to attend the college financing the scholarship.

NMSC College Contact:
Sara R. Burson
Sponsor Services Manager
(847) 866-5123

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